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Knock Knock I Totally Got This Inner-Truth Journal


WTF Is Knock Knock?

Knock Knock is an independent maker of products that bring wit, heart, productivity (and occasional light profanity) to everyday life. Our pads, planners, journals, and books help people accomplish their goals, express their feelings, and laugh at the absurdity of modern existence.

We live by (at least) two mottos: “We Put the Fun in Functional” and “Make a List—You’ll Feel Better.” We consider list-making and laughter to be essential forms of self-care. (And, obvs, we love mottos.)

Knock Knock was founded in 2002 by Jen Bilik, and in 2018 we joined forces with Em & Friends (formerly known as Emily McDowell & Friends). Our team of 25(ish) good humans is small but mighty. Together, we form the Who’s There Group—two woman-owned brands under one kickass umbrella!

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WTF Are Some of Our Favorite Things?


You Got This Productivity Journal

You Got This Productivity Journal

Jerrad, Digital Marketing Manager

"Of all the stuff we carry, this is the one I actually use the most. It provides the perfect balance of guidance and structure to keep me organized without a million different prompts and task-pages that make me feel guilty for not completing them. It’s clear and concise and leaves plenty of flexible room for me to conquer my to-dos in the way that works best for me. (And plenty of cheeky moments scattered throughout that make me smile!)"

Chakras Activity Book & Journal

Wendy, Account Manger

"I’m a sucker for learning and self-improvement, but absolute crap at keeping up with a journal. This thing is actually fun—and informative—though! It’s been good for me, too. I’ve done some of the activities over Zoom with my friends and it’s really taken virtual happy hour to the next level. I didn’t know that much about Chakras to begin with, and I’ll always have more to discover, but I love what I’ve learned so far with this journal."

Chakras Activity Book & Journal

Mental Note Sticky Notes

Tee, Customer Service Rep

"Where would I be without sticky notes & checklists? … Fumbling through life and Target completely lost with a cart full of stuff I don’t need. LOL. In all seriousness, these items keep me from going broke. It’s great."

Affirmators! Mantras Morning – Day Affirmation Cards Deck

Craig, Publisher

"These bite-sized mantras are the next best thing to an extra-strong cup of coffee for kickstarting my day. Coffee first though—and then muesli, the newspaper, and a randomly picked morning mantra. Plus, there’s a pig with a jetpack on the cover! Come on!"

Affirmators!® Mantras Morning – Day Affirmation Cards Deck
You Got This Make-a-List Pad

You Got This Make-a-List Pad

Tracy, Senior Production Designer

"Super cute, ultra-helpful, weirdly funny, slim and stylish—everything I pretend to be online, these pads are for reals. I’m the sort of person who will write “take a shower” on her to-do list after showering, just because crossing stuff off a list is so satisfying. It’s easier to get things done when you’re working from a cute list. That’s just science."

Things to Do Around the House Pad

Kate, Senior Editor & Writer

"This has gotten a lot of use during work-from-home times. It lives on my fridge, alternately taunting and inspiring me!"

Things to Do Around the House Pad


Here are a few things Knock Knock believes:

Products should be created with care. Good should be rewarded.
It's good to notice quality design. Self-awareness is underrated.
Humor makes everything better. Common sense is uncommon.
Smartness is fun. Ego is annoying.
Passion and curiosity can make anything interesting. Even though it's possible to use fewer words than more, why?